Principles and Policies

Declaration of 2020 Policy-Making Goals

As Bahçeşehir University (BAU), a World University in the heart of Istanbul, we are committed to form a productive learning and working environment to all BAU Family members, and thus create a model for the society. In order to achieve and maintain that culture, we prioritize to form a diverse and inclusive environment free from all kinds of discriminatory and violent behaviour. We stand-by the principle of anti-discrimination against race, gender, disability, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, religion, language, and all other kinds; and the principle of anti-harassment against sexual harassment, work-place violence, abuse of authority, and all other kinds.

At the same time, Bahçeşehir University; as an institution of education, research and service to society; relies on academic freedom and academic integrity principles as in the tradition of a University. We believe that it is only possible to innovate and advance, to educate the future generations, and to disseminate knowledge, all aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, if we sustain this tradition.

As our mission statement provides the foundation for further studies; it is our promise to society that it will be our 2020 goal to work on developing our policy papers on these issues in a participatory way; check-up our business processes, starting with the ones that regulate all the steps in students’ and staff’s life-cycle at the university; and make adjustments to prevent and deal with any kind of misconduct.

Bahçeşehir University