Bahçeşehir University New Media Department

The economic, cultural, social, political, technical and legal effects of digital transformation have also played a transformative role in the field of communication.

The aim of BAU New Media is to educate the future-professionals who can; master this new field and its dynamics, use new media tools competently, produce content for online platforms and manage them effectively.

BAU New Media, which provides theoretical and applied education with a multidisciplinary and critical approach in the field of digital media studies, encourages the creativity and imagination of its students by considering the changes in science and art which developed accordingly with informatics and communication technologies.

During their 4-year undergraduate education, students gain the necessary skills to become a successful media professional by pushing the boundaries of their creativity with numerous technical practices and digital projects while understanding all aspects of traditional media and journalism.

Students can publish the content they have produced during their education at BAU New Media in the digital student newspaper of the faculty, Yeni Sayfa Online!