Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences - Dean's Message

We are training competitive professionals who will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required by today’s society and completely prepared for a global-minded company.

Our rapidly globalizing world decreases the distance between communities, economies, and institutions, and redefines the conditions of their expansion and existence together in harmony.

Our faculty aims to equip its students with the skills to succeed in today’s challenging environment, and contribute to the development of the Turkish economy by training them as professionals who are completely prepared for today’s global society. To support this goal, we have a highly trained and experienced academic staff, and our programs are constantly being reformulated and improved. In the first two years of their education, students are taught basic knowledge and skills, and in their final two years, courses which enable them to concentrate upon their interests and specialties within their specific fields are provided.

A highly talented academic staff, competency in foreign language skills, and opportunities use contemporary technology in an educational setting are strengths which the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences has to offer. Our connections with international universities enable our students to spend a part of their education in countries around the world, which allows students to fulfill the faculty’s global-minded outlook. 

Prof. Ph.D. Yavuz GÜNALAY
The Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Adminstrative and Social Sciences